Make a Donation

Ways To Donate Securely –

The Wombat protection Society is using PayPal to process web donations.

You may use a Visa, or MasterCard, or an existing PayPal account.

You may also mail your donation to us at our office:

PO Box 6045
NSW 2550 Australia.

There are 4 easy steps to donate on-line.

1. Click the Donate button below – you will be redirected to PayPal.

Enter the amount you wish to give on the PayPal page (example graphic below) then click Update Total.
Please consider a minimum of a $20 gift to help offset the cost of this PayPal service.
A deductable tax receipt will be mailed after receipt of your donation.
You can donate to the society using most internationally accepted currencies, however the tax receipt is suitable for a deduction of tax payable in Australia only.

2. To donate with a credit/debit card, click the continue text in the centre of the page.

3. The next page is a form where you enter your name, credit/debit card number, card validation, Billing (Tax receipt) address, telephone  and email address.

Follow the PayPal instructions to complete your donation.
For us to mail you a de-ductable tax receipt, you must enter your name and complete address including your postal code.
Click Review Donation and Continue to check the details.
Please be reassured we will never share your information with any other person or organisation.

4. Check the details on the Review page.

If you change your mind at this point, click Return to Wombat Protection Society otherwise, click to enter.
If there are any errors with your card, or information, they will appear instantly and you must resolve them to continue.
If the donation was successful, you will get a chance to print your PayPal receipt and you will get an email confirming your donation.
Your Tax receipt is mailed within 4 weeks after this donation date.

Thank you from The Board and all the volunteers for your contribution. 100% of your donation goes to the benefit of the animals, as there are no paid employees in the Society.